SEO speed ranking factor

seo speed ranking factor

SEO ranking factors 2019

We are all told about google ranking and that you have to do your SEO for your website to be on the first page. Google first page results shows about 10 and on top of the results they are advertisement, which brings the question of “why would banks, casinos, hotels, cellphone, etc… spend millions to advertise on google?” why don’t they do their SEO? and what is SEO? in simple terms SEO is matching your website category or industry with keywords sounds fair enough? diving deeper into the question of “what is SEO?” it’s more than matching keywords of your website with the Service you offering, if the client is near your business(Location) and how can they get hold of you.

Google did a survey on internet users on the user experience of website and they found that over 83% the most annoying thing about website was slow website and because of that google had to change ranking factor based on page speed which is making your website to load within 2 seconds.

Now that we all did our SEO, used the right keywords on our website, linked other websites to our website for backlinks and finally signed up for Google MyBusiness to be more visible on the search results but still no results. What are the implementation to speed up your website?

The are 5 implementation for your site to load faster

5 Images

Images are the soul of a website and without them google may find your website not to be user friendly. It is therefore important that your images must be eye catching and can also load quick but what makes a quality picture in most instances its high pixel which is made by high data.

Pictures on a website must not make more than 500kb and if you are worried by the quality of the picture you need to let technology take its course as cellphone screens have a high resolution display and format like webp can decrease the image size of your image while keeping the quality of your picture.

image size

4 minify code

To minify code is to remove Javescript, html and css comments and the extra space used on the website. The are plugins you can use for your WordPress site that can do the job for you.

3 cache

The crucial part of a quick response of a website is requesting a site and getting results, when using WordPress on your website the are number of Cache plugins you can use that can be the middle man between your web server and your clients, for a quick response.

2 indexing

For google to navigate your website with ease, your website must have a sitemap index for google to find its path on every page listed to your website. Find an index generator as it will find links on your website and once that is done google will crawl your website and gather topics/category of your website and give results to the relevant people searching for that topic.

1 Google AMP

accelerated mobile pages is a Google projects that started in 2015 with the aim of creating a framework that can deliver a website within a second. Many publishers are against AMP saying that google wants to control the open web on how to build website but many would at Don Media and Branding we disagree because google made a user experience survey to understand what do their clients like or dislike and 90 percent of them said that “a slow loading website find it annoying.

Google AMP framework was established for slow internet connection countries that still uses 3G, and meeting the frameworks requirement requirement is as easy as following the 4 steps above.

google amp