Do your own seo

The easy way to do your own SEO

The purpose of a website is mainly for clients to know more about your business or to find new clients on the web. How does one find new clients on a website? 

For your business to be found on the web, you first need to list your website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and once that is done, a user or a potential client will first search for the service or information on search engine then eg Google will request pages that has the same information requested but the trick with the requested information is that users often choose websites that are on the first page of the search results page. They are a million pages of what the user is searching for.

This are the 5 steps to follow to be ranked number 1 or listed on the first page of google.

1- Keywords Research

it’s very important for business owners to detail precisely the service they offer to clients as that will inform users if what they are looking for is aligned with the website they are visiting.

Doing a keyword research is the first step of knowing what people or users are searching for and using those keywords inline with your listed service on your website.

You can use google keyword planner to research the number of searches that has been searched and look for ideas as well. it is widely considered that the keys used its not the ones with high volume but the ones with average volume as this will give you a chance to compete with average and growing keywords.

2- Optimise your website

google ranking will crawl your website using robotics, therefore it is very important when optimising your website to consider these 5 tools when writing content

a) words
Google cannot manually read each and every website that is loaded on the web, as they are more than 1000 websites uploaded everyday, Therefore having words and a good number of them on your website gives google robotics a fair consideration to be listed with which category of keywords.

b) images
Using images on the website serves as a mere gesture for readers not to get bored or tired while reading content on your site. Every page on the site with more than at least 500 words it must have 1 picture but the most valuable role of pictures is more about naming them so that search engine robotics can find those pictures and list them as well.

c) Headers
Just like a book with chapters and subtitles websites have pages and headers so that the users and the search engine can navigate for what they are looking for. They are up to 6 headers allocated on a page.

d) Page Speed
Imagine clicking on a website and it takes a minute to load, what do users do? they click the back button to go to another website that can give them information on the go. page speed can rank your SEO bad if not resolved quickly and this is mostly caused by image sizes and a chunk of javascript, css or other codes unnecessary codes.

e) error 404
Make sure the web pages that are removed or changed are redirected to the current one, as this is a sign to Google that the website might not have content it claims to have. To view if the are no error 404 please visit google console to add your website and view errors and other reports affecting your website

3- Backlinks

Backlinks are links to your website from other websites. This is the heart of SEO as this shows the number of businesses and websites that are mentioning or referring users on their website to your website.

 If the isn’t any website that is not referring your website, you can also add your website or business to other Business directories.

4- Reviews

Once you do business with clients and they were happy with your services and take the opportunity to send them a link review page, Google MyBusiness or snupit are one of the business directories that can give you a good score for google ranking.

5- Location

When buying property is all about location, for google ranking, it’s a different story, when you claim that your business is busy with high reviews on google and facebook, location is also considered if clients do look for directions when driving to your business location.

 For every client asking for direction to your place of business please do send them a link to your location.

Now that you finished doing your SEO, if you can’t afford google ads then it is best to wait for google to list changes to your website which can take an Hour, Day, Week, Month or nothing more than 3 months.