Content of a business flyer

Creating a flyer for your business

When creating a flyer you can first start on searching on google for a graphic designer and then look for a printing company or you can simply do it yourself.

What do you need creating a flyer? some may tell you about Photoshop, adobe illustrator and other expensive tools and all you have is Microsoft office tools. With Microsoft powerpoint or word you can create one hack of a flyer simply by having 6 informational content of a flyer.

The purpose of a flyer might be to advertise or to promote a product once you determined the reasons of why you need one, you will now grab a pen and paper to sketch this main content that goes in a flyer.

1- Heading 

Every paper you read has a title to give you immediate information about the content it holds. The heading of your flyer must contain what represent the intention of the flyer itself.

A header for your big sale, event, catalogue, or even a simple flyer to advertise your business must attract client, and this title or header be the name of your Business, theme of your event, the discount name e.g big bonanza, holiday special, promoting a new product. 

once the name has grabbed the reader will extract information on whether it fits their demographic or lifestyle then they will decide to continue reading.

2- Details

main content in a flyer provides details that informs the reader specifications on what to expect and if the information is worth it to remember. this information must be short information that captures the readers imagination on whether the is more than one offer.

This details that is listed can be about services provided, list of products, artist performing if its an event, and any other information you would like to let the readers to be informed about.

3- image

as the saying goes “a picture can tell a thousand words” and thats why pictures can can instantly inform a person what is going on without even reading everything on the flyer.

it is most important to have pictures that is related to the content that is on the flyer, therefore promoting a kids transport by putting an expensive car and people with suits to show how professional your business is, can make parents worry about the caring affection and the joy of kids on the transport service. So in simple terms, pictures you are selling to the clients must relate to the people you are attracting.

4- date

I once attended a restaurant that had a sign, 50% discount tomorrow, and i thought i came on the wrong time only to find out that its a sign is the everyday and the point is tomorrow never comes.

when seeing a special or sale, people want to know how long will it last, or when did it end so they can find out where were they been hiding all this time. be sure to reflect the date of when does the offer start or end.

5- contact

the is more than hundreds of ways to communicate in this day of age, at the end communications is having a receiver and sender.

The best communications that can be put on a flyer that is most popular is putting your cellphone numbers, email address, twitter handle and a facebook page and all of them being sorely for business and well shortened words to be memorised and recalled easily.

6- Location


even if you are working from home or have a workshop for your business, a business must be located as it shows its existence and reliability of their whereabouts.

promoting anything on the flyer be sure to list your location so that your business can be found. location can be given in many forms as in, it can be the franchise of the restaurant being promoted, the club, the website.

7- price

whether its shining or it looks rusty, before initiating on anything a price should be listed as to the reader to prepare themselves whether to proceed with the flyer.

the price its anything that may include value of the service which include ticket price, collecting stamps on products e.g 4 matching cars inside a chocolate wrapper to win.

When done with the design of your flyer it is best to save your flyer with one of this 4 format SVG, PDF, TIFF and EPS.