classified websites ads for south africa

10 classified websites ads in south africans

Classified ads

The is a wide range for classified ads websites that you can sell your products or services but this are 10 classified tried by don media and branding selling their electronics.

10 Facebook MarketPlace

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? As more and more companies used Facebook to market their products and services, people opened Facebook groups to allow members to post their items. With this groups growing by areas or locations, facebook had to introduce a new form of maintaining the true intention of a facebook group which is to share knowledge and support groups by creating Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows everyone who has a facebook account to snap a picture and post it so that other facebook users visiting the Marketplace can see the items. The are 11 categories that are sold and location, price and pictures are required to SELL SOMETHING.

9 classads

With no registration required, ClassAds has to be one of the most easy to use Classifieds ads site and with their no expiry of the ads your product listing is insured to be in place for the next 6 months to come. 

8 howzit

Numbers don’t lie but even though this site does give broken links at times, it is one the fastest growing sites in South Africa. The site is mostly for pricy items such as homes, boats, cars and so on.

7 free classified

This has to be one Classifieds ads site that one has use for their local listing, this website makes its location their primary selling point in giving search results to google.

6 locanto

locanto classifieds

This has to be one the the most improving Classifieds ads website, it has the best of of both worlds, post without registering and search engines love it too. Be sure to post on this site to attract more customers nationally this is the site to try out.

5 Ananzi

The classifieds ads that brings you other ads from other classifieds. This has to be the most overlooked  site because its lack of advertising, it sure has numbers  maybe in future it will improve its visibility. 

4 Junkmail


From a newspaper that published ads from people for free to having the website that took over the internet like a storm in South Africa, Junkmail will remain the brand to place your car, house, machinery and other not so cheap items.

3 adsafrica

Ads Africa has to be one of the most easiest Classifieds ads post you can use, you can post without registering and their ads will remain un-till you have to manually remove them. 

2 Olx

This has to be one quality Classified ads website that has secure users, with their their cell number, Facebook and google verification. Olx might allow you to post your products with exception  that you follow their policies which include posting your very own images and not repeating ads as they are compared and approved by administrators.


1 Gumtree

Gumtree is one of the most used classifieds ads site that more than 10 million visitors a year with more than 30 000 ads posted a day google has to list this site on the first of every item or service being searched for.