Hosting companies in South Africa

Top 10 Hosting companies in South Africa Top 10 website hosting companies in South Africa based on their basic hosting packages that include lowest price, storage, email accounts and other services. The listing for this hosting companies are based on google reviews that are more than 10. 10 domains Basic Price R69 . storage 2000 … Read more

SEO speed ranking factor

SEO ranking factors 2019 We are all told about google ranking and that you have to do your SEO for your website to be on the first page. Google first page results shows about 10 and on top of the results they are advertisement, which brings the question of “why would banks, casinos, hotels, cellphone, … Read more

classified websites ads for south africa

10 classified websites ads in south africans The is a wide range for classified ads websites that you can sell your products or services but this are 10 classified tried by don media and branding selling their electronics. 10 Facebook MarketPlace Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? As more and more companies used Facebook to … Read more

Do your own seo

The easy way to do your own SEO The purpose of a website is mainly for clients to know more about your business or to find new clients on the web. How does one find new clients on a website?  For your business to be found on the web, you first need to list your … Read more

Content of a business flyer

Creating a flyer for your business When creating a flyer you can first start on searching on google for a graphic designer and then look for a printing company or you can simply do it yourself. What do you need creating a flyer? some may tell you about Photoshop, adobe illustrator and other expensive tools … Read more

How to make a website cheap

Creating a website on a low budget Making a website is expensive, it is not the coding that’s expensive it’s putting together content and coming up with the theme of the website which the theme is simply determining the font, color and look of the website. If you would like to own a website but … Read more

Social media sites to use for business

Social media to use for your business in South Africa This are top 5 social media sites to use to promote your business in South Africa and the ratings of these media sites are used by the number of small or medium business are available on them. 1- Facebook Facebook is the number one social … Read more

8 websites to advertise for free Online

8 Free Classifieds Websites To Sell Your Products for small business that do not have marketing departments in South Africa this are the websites where you can sell or even buy products or services online. 8. Bidorbuy Bidorbuy is more popular for antic collection where you post and wait for bidders but its popularity it’s not … Read more