Social media to use for your business in South Africa

This are top 5 social media sites to use to promote your business in South Africa and the ratings of these media sites are used by the number of small or medium business are available on them.

1- Facebook

Facebook is the number one social media site to use to spread the word out about your business, it does not take you to be an IT student nor garget person to use Facebook.

How do you market your business with Facebook:

The first step you take after creating your profile is to invite your friends and your friend’s friend that you once came across with some time in your life so that they can become your friend on facebook now once that goal has been achieved of having friends.

The second step is to post and it doesn’t have to be about your life but post something that could interest people to read, view or watch. Once you have made people aware of your existence on facebook its time to unleash your next plan. Your hobby or adventure for example if you are a painter, you will post your paintings, you fix phones you post the phones you have fixed.

Now that you spreading the word about what you do its time for you to have a facebook page which is more like a profile for your business and its success it’s based on you posting about your work than sharing the post to your own Facebook friends. Now before we get all garget talking business or organization doesn’t have friends but supporters, fans, partners and so on, a Facebook page has what we call likes which means people that like what you or the organization is doing. To get likes will rely mostly on your facebook friends. 


2- Instagram

Instagram is the number one app to use for attracting people with an image. How will I want you to use this app?

Using Instagram to promote your business:

Must be the easiest app to use because creating your profile on it takes less than 2 minutes, its very important to have your contacts on your profile which will be the first thing you do on Instagram.

Now Instagram its all about what you want people to buy based on images and this app it’s based on taking pictures and writing few words which ideally could be 80 because people don’t really like to read much on social media. Does your business suit Instagram, it doesn’t matter what your service is or what you are selling, people follow the strangest things on social media even post rocks can be a nice thing to post it all depends on the quality of your pictures.

Do you have friends on Instagram?, no you don’t here we have what we call followers which really mean people mean people that follow your work and you can source them by following the first and the logic behind it is hoping that the notice that you following them to follow you back if you have posted interesting things. 


3- Twitter

Twitter, if anyone were to tell me that they understood twitter on their first-day on downloading it, I would really call them liars. It takes most people a week or more to get to the hang of Twitter and using it for business is tricky. Why using Twitter for business tricky: The is a saying, “Twitter can make you or break you” this is the number one social media site that gets the word fast and explaining how it’s used for business is understanding first how it works.

Twitter has 4 icons on its app, Home, Trend, Notification, and Message and the other tabs will be for your profile and settings. When people go on twitter they check what’s trending and for you or your business to trend you need to have either of this three things, Social media influencers or paid hashtag or genuinely have done something so amazing that made people mentioned or typed about it over thousand times.

 Like the saying “a little bird was singing” meaning that the word on “Twitter street”, Twitter is the way to go mostly to get in touch with most brands who like to look good in public for recognition and a hashtag to boost their branding.


4- Linkedin

Creating a perfect profile for your business on Linkedin is a must for polishing your internet branding. Does Linkedin work in South Africa?Linkedin site its one of the most underrated Social media sites and its value it’s on referral from other professionals who are on your field.


A good profile about the owner or CEO of the business its a must have to boost the credentials of the individual leading the business. It will be very important for a business to create its own profile and link the business with people in the business, that’s how you use LinkedIn even though its main intent was to link individuals with common or matched professions to have linked up on this site to share ideas, skills or knowledge.

5- Youtube

We have Movie stars, Tv star, celebrities and now we have what we call Youtubers, this site is simply used for posting video and if you have a business how will you use it? YouTube for your business: Does this mean that you need an actor? cameras? producers? no, you don’t.

How does a business use youtube then, well the first thing you need is for your business decide on what will people want to watch, for example, you own a carpet cleaning company how will you get clients, what videos are you gonna post and who will be watching? on Youtube its all about absorbing information through videos and owning a cleaning company, for example, two things they can learn from your channel 1. you can create video advert about how best you can clean 2. You can teach people how to clean carpet and earn money by placing ads on your video.