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How to make website on a low budget

Website development is expensive, it is not the coding that’s expensive it’s putting together content and coming up with the theme of the website, which the theme is simply determining the font, color and look of the website.

If you would like to own a website but you are on a tight budget, this are the 10 steps you should follow before calling a web developer.

10- What’s your business all about

its very important to take a pen and paper and write down a list of services and products your business offer. From writing down your services or product you are selling, a business owner has an idea of what their user or client visiting the website will see and buy into.

09- About Us

If you write down your business profile you are a step closer to completing a presentation of what you want the web developer to give you. As a business owner, it is very important to write down an about us content page which will give the user or the visitor of your website short brief of your business values and ethics.

08- Pages for your website

Determining how many pages your website must have it’s very important as this will allow the web designer clear guidance of what you want overall and your website visitors to understand your website. They are 4 common Pages that every website has 1 Home page 2 Services 3 About us and 4 Contact us and all of them are important in creating your site.

How to make a website cheap 2

07- Layout

The look of the website, without a rough draft the web designer might charge you an arm and a leg for the idea, the layout of your website is simply sketching where images and text will appear and and which colours will be used. 

web design

06- Looking for a developer

Before you look for a developer to make your website, it’s best to put your content on a word or any writing app with stated headings of your Home page, Services or gallery or products, About us and contact us.

When contacting a web developer its best to let them know that you have done the difficult part by describing the content you have on a word document that you want to be converted to a website. State how many pages you want for your website to have, pictures, content written and with a rough draft of the details that have to go on pages then you safely ask for the price.

Checklist of questions to ask your developer, will cover shortly:

Adding website to google | analytics | SLL certificate

How to make a website cheap 3

05- Hosting your website

Before looking for a developer it is first safe to establish whether to see if your desired name for the website is available for purchase and if it is then it is best to consider to look for the cheapest hosting service provider out the but before deciding on signing up please do inquire and compare the quote’s that a web developer might charge you to host for them and compare it with the service provider you came across, a difference of 30 percent is reasonable for a web developer to charge especially when you mention the offer’s you saw.

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04- Maintenance

A web site doesn’t really need to be maintained but updated only when using a WordPress website, your hosting company has programs that automatically updates itself.

03- SLL Certificate

This is the new policy that all the websites will have when browsing with popular browsers, SLL certificate is a piece of code that links government officials to your business for authenticity of your business. You can find out from your web developer if he or she will install it for you or your service provider will install if for you. It will require basic information about where is your business and details of your contact.

ssl certificate

02- After publishing my website

After publishing your website is time to add your website on google, yahoo and Yandex which is the best way of getting traffic for your website. Social media is a must for making noise about your website for it to be recognized by Google on its few days from being published.

search engines

01- Track your analytics

Web developers will setup google analytics to track usage of your website and improve content on pages not being visited by aligning search ideas with your own content. Google analytics helps with website owners to know who are their visitors and where do they come from.

google analytics