Hosting companies in South Africa 1

Hosting companies in South Africa

Top 10 Hosting companies in South Africa

Top 10 website hosting companies in South Africa based on their basic hosting packages that include lowest price, storage, email accounts and other services. The listing for this hosting companies are based on google reviews that have more than 10.

10 domains

Basic Price R69 . storage 2000 mb . 25 email accounts . 5 SQL database . Domain .online or .site free signup . CPanel . 5gb bandwidth . 5 sub domains

Hosting companies in South Africa 2

9 Cloud Fusion

Basic Price R65 . storage 4000 mb . unlimited email accounts . 1 SQL database . Domain .online or .site R65 . CPanel . unlimited bandwidth

Hosting companies in South Africa 3

8 1-grid

Basic Price R59 . storage 2000 mb . unlimited email accounts . unlimited SQL database . Domain and .online free signup for a year hosting . CPanel . unlimited bandwidth .

Hosting companies in South Africa 4

7 AfriHost

Basic Price R39 . storage 1000 mb . 50 email accounts . 1 SQL database . Domain .online or .site Free for a year . CPanel . unlimited bandwidth


6 axxess

Basic Price R39 . storage 2000 mb . 75 email accounts . 5 SQL database . Domain Free for 6 months . CPanel . unlimited bandwidth


5 Web4Africa

Basic Price R30 . storage 2000 mb . unlimited email accounts . unlimited SQL database . Domain .online or .site free signup . CPanel . unlimited bandwidth . free ssl certificate

Hosting companies in South Africa 5

4 VE Host

Basic Price R25 . storage 1000 mb . 50 email accounts . 1 SQL database . CPanel . unlimited bandwidth . free ssl certificate

3 Solid Hosting

Basic Price R20 . storage 2000 mb . 50 email accounts . 1 SQL database . Domain and Free for 6 months . CPanel . 100gb bandwidth . free ssl certificate

Hosting companies in South Africa 6

2 absolute hosting

Basic Price R18 . storage 750 mb . 30 email accounts . 5 SQL database . Domain Free at signup . CPanel . unlimited bandwidth . free ssl certificate

absolute hosting

1 HostKing

Basic Price R12 . storage 1000 mb . 1 email accounts . unlimited SQL database . Domain R89 signup . CPanel . unlimited bandwidth . R189 ssl certificate

Hosting companies in South Africa 7
SEO speed ranking factor 8

SEO speed ranking factor

seo speed ranking factor

SEO ranking factors 2020

We are all told about google ranking and that you have to do SEO for your website to be on the first page. Google first page shows about 10 search results and on top of the top of those results they are between 3 to 5 advertisement, which brings the question of “why would banks, casinos, hotels, cellphone companies, etc… spend millions to advertise on google?” why don’t they do their SEO? and what is SEO? in simple terms Search Engine Optimization is matching your website category or industry content with keywords the end user might search for, sounds easy? diving deeper into the question of “what is SEO?” it’s more than matching keywords of your website with the Service you offering but the location of your business is highly considered.

Why Would google place your website on the first page of those results?

Google did a survey on internet users on the user experience of website and they found that over 83% the most annoying thing about website was slow loading time and because of that google had to change ranking factor based on page speed which is making your website to load within 2 seconds.

Now that we all did our SEO, we used the right keywords on our website, linked other websites to our website for backlinks and finally signed up for Google MyBusiness, created social media accounts, so that we could be more visible on the search engine but still no traffic. What are the implementation to speed up your website for google to consider your website as fast loading for users to browse?

The are 5 implementation for your site to load faster

5 Images

Images are the soul of a website and without them google may find your website not to be user friendly. It is therefore important that your images must be eye catching and can also load quick but what makes a quality picture in most instances its high pixel which is made by high data.

Pictures on a website page must not be than 500kb and if you are worried by the quality of the picture you need to let technology take its course as cellphone screens have a high resolution display and format like webp can decrease the image size while keeping the quality of your picture.

image size

4 minify code

To minify code is to remove Javescript, html and css comments and the extra space used on the website. The are plugins you can use for your WordPress site that can do the job for you.

minify code

3 cache

The crucial part of a quick response of a website is requesting a site and getting results, when using WordPress on your website the are number of Cache plugins you can use that can be the middle man between your web server and your clients, for a quick response.

google cache

2 indexing

For google to navigate your website with ease, your website must have a sitemap index for google to find its path on every page listed to your website. Find an index generator as it will find links on your website and once that is done google will crawl your website and gather topics/category of your website and give results to the relevant people searching for that topic.

1 Google AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a Google projects that started in 2015 with the aim of creating a framework that can deliver a website within a second. Many publishers are against AMP saying that google wants to control the open web on how to build website but many would disagree, at Don Media and Branding we disagree because google made a user experience survey to understand what do their clients like or dislike and 90 percent of them said that “a slow loading website is annoying” and more users will click the back button, would you use google search engine if 5 pages you visited on their first page was loading slow.

Google AMP framework was established for slow internet connection countries that still uses 3G, and meeting the frameworks requirements is as easy as following the 4 steps above.

google amp

classified websites ads for south africa

10 classified websites ads in south africans

classified websites ads for south africa 9

Online Classified ads

The is a wide range for classified ads websites that you can sell your products or services but this are 10 classified tried by don media and branding selling their electronics.

10 Facebook MarketPlace

classified websites ads for south africa 10

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? As more and more companies used Facebook to market their products and services, people opened Facebook groups to allow members to post their items. With this groups growing by areas or locations, facebook had to introduce a new form of maintaining the true intention of a facebook group which is to share knowledge and support groups by creating Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows everyone who has a facebook account to snap a picture and post it so that other facebook users visiting the Marketplace can see the items. The are 11 categories that are sold and location, price and pictures are required to SELL SOMETHING.

9 classads

classified websites ads for south africa 11

With no registration required, ClassAds has to be one of the most easy to use Classifieds ads site and with their no expiry of the ads your product listing is insured to be in place for the next 6 months to come. 

8 howzit

classified websites ads for south africa 12

Numbers don’t lie but even though this site does give broken links at times, it is one the fastest growing sites in South Africa. The site is mostly for pricy items such as homes, boats, cars and so on.

7 freeclassified

classified websites ads for south africa 13

This has to be one Classifieds ads site that one has use for their local listing, this website makes its location their primary selling point in giving search results to google.

6 locanto

locanto classifieds

This has to be one the the most improving Classifieds ads website, it has the best of of both worlds, post without registering and search engines love it too. Be sure to post on this site to attract more customers nationally this is the site to try out.

5 Ananzi

classified websites ads for south africa 14

The classifieds ads that brings you other ads from other classifieds. This has to be the most overlooked  site because its lack of advertising, it sure has numbers  maybe in future it will improve its visibility. 

4 Junkmail


From a newspaper that published ads from people for free to having the website that took over the internet like a storm in South Africa, Junkmail will remain the brand to place your car, house, machinery and other not so cheap items.

3 adsafrica

Ads Africa has to be one of the most easiest Classifieds ads post you can use, you can post without registering and their ads will remain un-till you have to manually remove them. 

classified websites ads for south africa 15

2 Olx

This has to be one quality Classified ads website that has secure users, with their their cell number, Facebook and google verification. Olx might allow you to post your products with exception  that you follow their policies which include posting your very own images and not repeating ads as they are compared and approved by administrators.


1 Gumtree

Gumtree is one of the most used classifieds ads site that more than 10 million visitors a year with more than 30 000 ads posted a day google has to list this site on the first of every item or service being searched for.


google mybusiness

Do your own seo

The easy way to do your own SEO

The purpose of a website is mainly for clients to know more about your business or to find new clients on the web. How does one find new clients on a website? 

For your business to be found on the web, you first need to list your website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and once that is done, a user or a potential client will first search for the service or information on search engine then eg Google will request pages that has the same information requested but the trick with the requested information is that users often choose websites that are on the first page of the search results page. They are a million pages of what the user is searching for.

This are the 5 steps to follow to be ranked number 1 or listed on the first page of google.

1- Keywords Research

it’s very important for business owners to detail precisely the service they offer to clients as that will inform users if what they are looking for is aligned with the website they are visiting.

Doing a keyword research is the first step of knowing what people or users are searching for and using those keywords inline with your listed service on your website.

You can use google keyword planner to research the number of searches that has been searched and look for ideas as well. it is widely considered that the keys used its not the ones with high volume but the ones with average volume as this will give you a chance to compete with average and growing keywords.

2- Optimise your website

google ranking will crawl your website using robotics, therefore it is very important when optimising your website to consider these 5 tools when writing content

a) words
Google cannot manually read each and every website that is loaded on the web, as they are more than 1000 websites uploaded everyday, Therefore having words and a good number of them on your website gives google robotics a fair consideration to be listed with which category of keywords.

b) images
Using images on the website serves as a mere gesture for readers not to get bored or tired while reading content on your site. Every page on the site with more than at least 500 words it must have 1 picture but the most valuable role of pictures is more about naming them so that search engine robotics can find those pictures and list them as well.

Do your own seo 16

c) Headers
Just like a book with chapters and subtitles websites have pages and headers so that the users and the search engine can navigate for what they are looking for. They are up to 6 headers allocated on a page.

d) Page Speed
Imagine clicking on a website and it takes a minute to load, what do users do? they click the back button to go to another website that can give them information on the go. page speed can rank your SEO bad if not resolved quickly and this is mostly caused by image sizes and a chunk of javascript, css or other codes unnecessary codes.

e) error 404
Make sure the web pages that are removed or changed are redirected to the current one, as this is a sign to Google that the website might not have content it claims to have. To view if the are no error 404 please visit google console to add your website and view errors and other reports affecting your website

3- Backlinks

Backlinks are links to your website from other websites. This is the heart of SEO as this shows the number of businesses and websites that are mentioning or referring users on their website to your website.

 If the isn’t any website that is not referring your website, you can also add your website or business to other Business directories.

4- Reviews

Once you do business with clients and they were happy with your services and take the opportunity to send them a link review page, Google MyBusiness or snupit are one of the business directories that can give you a good score for google ranking.

Do your own seo 17

5- Location

When buying property is all about location, for google ranking, it’s a different story, when you claim that your business is busy with high reviews on google and facebook, location is also considered if clients do look for directions when driving to your business location.

 For every client asking for direction to your place of business please do send them a link to your location.

Now that you finished doing your SEO, if you can’t afford google ads then it is best to wait for google to list changes to your website which can take an Hour, Day, Week, Month or nothing more than 3 months.

Content of a business flyer 18

Content of a business flyer

Creating a flyer for your business

When creating a flyer you can first start on searching on google for a graphic designer and then look for a printing company or you can simply do it yourself.

What do you need creating a flyer? some may tell you about Photoshop, adobe illustrator and other expensive tools and all you have is Microsoft office tools. With Microsoft powerpoint or word you can create one hack of a flyer simply by having 6 informational content of a flyer.

The purpose of a flyer might be to advertise or to promote a product once you determined the reasons of why you need one, you will now grab a pen and paper to sketch this main content that goes in a flyer.

Content of a business flyer 19

1- Heading 

Every paper you read has a title to give you immediate information about the content it holds. The heading of your flyer must contain what represent the intention of the flyer itself.

A header for your big sale, event, catalogue, or even a simple flyer to advertise your business must attract client, and this title or header be the name of your Business, theme of your event, the discount name e.g big bonanza, holiday special, promoting a new product. 

once the name has grabbed the reader will extract information on whether it fits their demographic or lifestyle then they will decide to continue reading.

2- Details

main content in a flyer provides details that informs the reader specifications on what to expect and if the information is worth it to remember. this information must be short information that captures the readers imagination on whether the is more than one offer.

This details that is listed can be about services provided, list of products, artist performing if its an event, and any other information you would like to let the readers to be informed about.

3- image

as the saying goes “a picture can tell a thousand words” and thats why pictures can can instantly inform a person what is going on without even reading everything on the flyer.

it is most important to have pictures that is related to the content that is on the flyer, therefore promoting a kids transport by putting an expensive car and people with suits to show how professional your business is, can make parents worry about the caring affection and the joy of kids on the transport service. So in simple terms, pictures you are selling to the clients must relate to the people you are attracting.

Content of a business flyer 20

4- date

I once attended a restaurant that had a sign, 50% discount tomorrow, and i thought i came on the wrong time only to find out that its a sign is the everyday and the point is tomorrow never comes.

when seeing a special or sale, people want to know how long will it last, or when did it end so they can find out where were they been hiding all this time. be sure to reflect the date of when does the offer start or end.

5- contact

the is more than hundreds of ways to communicate in this day of age, at the end communications is having a receiver and sender.

The best communications that can be put on a flyer that is most popular is putting your cellphone numbers, email address, twitter handle and a facebook page and all of them being sorely for business and well shortened words to be memorised and recalled easily.

6- Location


even if you are working from home or have a workshop for your business, a business must be located as it shows its existence and reliability of their whereabouts.

promoting anything on the flyer be sure to list your location so that your business can be found. location can be given in many forms as in, it can be the franchise of the restaurant being promoted, the club, the website.

7- price

whether its shining or it looks rusty, before initiating on anything a price should be listed as to the reader to prepare themselves whether to proceed with the flyer.

the price its anything that may include value of the service which include ticket price, collecting stamps on products e.g 4 matching cars inside a chocolate wrapper to win.

When done with the design of your flyer it is best to save your flyer with one of this 4 format SVG, PDF, TIFF and EPS.

web design

How to make a website cheap

How to make a website cheap 21

How to make website on a low budget

Website development is expensive, it is not the coding that’s expensive it’s putting together content and coming up with the theme of the website, which the theme is simply determining the font, color and look of the website.

If you would like to own a website but you are on a tight budget, this are the 10 steps you should follow before calling a web developer.

10- What’s your business all about

its very important to take a pen and paper and write down a list of services and products your business offer. From writing down your services or product you are selling, a business owner has an idea of what their user or client visiting the website will see and buy into.

09- About Us

If you write down your business profile you are a step closer to completing a presentation of what you want the web developer to give you. As a business owner, it is very important to write down an about us content page which will give the user or the visitor of your website short brief of your business values and ethics.

08- Pages for your website

Determining how many pages your website must have it’s very important as this will allow the web designer clear guidance of what you want overall and your website visitors to understand your website. They are 4 common Pages that every website has 1 Home page 2 Services 3 About us and 4 Contact us and all of them are important in creating your site.

How to make a website cheap 22

07- Layout

The look of the website, without a rough draft the web designer might charge you an arm and a leg for the idea, the layout of your website is simply sketching where images and text will appear and and which colours will be used. 

web design

06- Looking for a developer

Before you look for a developer to make your website, it’s best to put your content on a word or any writing app with stated headings of your Home page, Services or gallery or products, About us and contact us.

When contacting a web developer its best to let them know that you have done the difficult part by describing the content you have on a word document that you want to be converted to a website. State how many pages you want for your website to have, pictures, content written and with a rough draft of the details that have to go on pages then you safely ask for the price.

Checklist of questions to ask your developer, will cover shortly:

Adding website to google | analytics | SLL certificate

How to make a website cheap 23

05- Hosting your website

Before looking for a developer it is first safe to establish whether to see if your desired name for the website is available for purchase and if it is then it is best to consider to look for the cheapest hosting service provider out the but before deciding on signing up please do inquire and compare the quote’s that a web developer might charge you to host for them and compare it with the service provider you came across, a difference of 30 percent is reasonable for a web developer to charge especially when you mention the offer’s you saw.

How to make a website cheap 24

04- Maintenance

A web site doesn’t really need to be maintained but updated only when using a WordPress website, your hosting company has programs that automatically updates itself.

03- SLL Certificate

This is the new policy that all the websites will have when browsing with popular browsers, SLL certificate is a piece of code that links government officials to your business for authenticity of your business. You can find out from your web developer if he or she will install it for you or your service provider will install if for you. It will require basic information about where is your business and details of your contact.

ssl certificate

02- After publishing my website

After publishing your website is time to add your website on google, yahoo and Yandex which is the best way of getting traffic for your website. Social media is a must for making noise about your website for it to be recognized by Google on its few days from being published.

search engines

01- Track your analytics

Web developers will setup google analytics to track usage of your website and improve content on pages not being visited by aligning search ideas with your own content. Google analytics helps with website owners to know who are their visitors and where do they come from.

google analytics


Social media sites to use for business

Social media to use for your business in South Africa

This are top 5 social media sites to use to promote your business in South Africa and the ratings of these media sites are used by the number of small or medium business are available on them.

1- Facebook

Facebook is the number one social media site to use to spread the word out about your business, it does not take you to be an IT student nor garget person to use Facebook.

How do you market your business with Facebook:

The first step you take after creating your profile is to invite your friends and your friend’s friend that you once came across with some time in your life so that they can become your friend on facebook now once that goal has been achieved of having friends.

The second step is to post and it doesn’t have to be about your life but post something that could interest people to read, view or watch. Once you have made people aware of your existence on facebook its time to unleash your next plan. Your hobby or adventure for example if you are a painter, you will post your paintings, you fix phones you post the phones you have fixed.

Now that you spreading the word about what you do its time for you to have a facebook page which is more like a profile for your business and its success it’s based on you posting about your work than sharing the post to your own Facebook friends. Now before we get all garget talking business or organization doesn’t have friends but supporters, fans, partners and so on, a Facebook page has what we call likes which means people that like what you or the organization is doing. To get likes will rely mostly on your facebook friends. 


2- Instagram

Instagram is the number one app to use for attracting people with an image. How will I want you to use this app?

Using Instagram to promote your business:

Must be the easiest app to use because creating your profile on it takes less than 2 minutes, its very important to have your contacts on your profile which will be the first thing you do on Instagram.

Now Instagram its all about what you want people to buy based on images and this app it’s based on taking pictures and writing few words which ideally could be 80 because people don’t really like to read much on social media. Does your business suit Instagram, it doesn’t matter what your service is or what you are selling, people follow the strangest things on social media even post rocks can be a nice thing to post it all depends on the quality of your pictures.

Do you have friends on Instagram?, no you don’t here we have what we call followers which really mean people mean people that follow your work and you can source them by following the first and the logic behind it is hoping that the notice that you following them to follow you back if you have posted interesting things. 


3- Twitter

Twitter, if anyone were to tell me that they understood twitter on their first-day on downloading it, I would really call them liars. It takes most people a week or more to get to the hang of Twitter and using it for business is tricky. Why using Twitter for business tricky: The is a saying, “Twitter can make you or break you” this is the number one social media site that gets the word fast and explaining how it’s used for business is understanding first how it works.

Twitter has 4 icons on its app, Home, Trend, Notification, and Message and the other tabs will be for your profile and settings. When people go on twitter they check what’s trending and for you or your business to trend you need to have either of this three things, Social media influencers or paid hashtag or genuinely have done something so amazing that made people mentioned or typed about it over thousand times.

 Like the saying “a little bird was singing” meaning that the word on “Twitter street”, Twitter is the way to go mostly to get in touch with most brands who like to look good in public for recognition and a hashtag to boost their branding.


4- Linkedin

Creating a perfect profile for your business on Linkedin is a must for polishing your internet branding. Does Linkedin work in South Africa?Linkedin site its one of the most underrated Social media sites and its value it’s on referral from other professionals who are on your field.


A good profile about the owner or CEO of the business its a must have to boost the credentials of the individual leading the business. It will be very important for a business to create its own profile and link the business with people in the business, that’s how you use LinkedIn even though its main intent was to link individuals with common or matched professions to have linked up on this site to share ideas, skills or knowledge.

5- Youtube

We have Movie stars, Tv star, celebrities and now we have what we call Youtubers, this site is simply used for posting video and if you have a business how will you use it? YouTube for your business: Does this mean that you need an actor? cameras? producers? no, you don’t.

How does a business use youtube then, well the first thing you need is for your business decide on what will people want to watch, for example, you own a carpet cleaning company how will you get clients, what videos are you gonna post and who will be watching? on Youtube its all about absorbing information through videos and owning a cleaning company, for example, two things they can learn from your channel 1. you can create video advert about how best you can clean 2. You can teach people how to clean carpet and earn money by placing ads on your video.


8 websites to advertise for free Online

8 Free Classifieds Websites To Sell Your Products

for small business that do not have marketing departments in South Africa this are the websites where you can sell or even buy products or services online.

8. Bidorbuy

Bidorbuy is more popular for antic collection where you post and wait for bidders but its popularity it’s not as high as other website for selling your services but do not forget to list your website on it, as it will boost your website domain score.

bidorbuy logo

 7. yellow pages

YellowPages isn’t just a Phonebook with business listing on paper only but a classified ads website plus an app to sell and buy products or offer services, this is a free advertising platform that will give you a good website ranking in your local community.

8 websites to advertise for free Online 25

 6. Junkmail

Post your products or services on junkmail and the results will sure come up on all search engines, junkmail it’s a website loved by heavy duty industries such as selling of trucks, renting building equipment, manufacturing machinery and more.


5. Medioq

also goes by the name mediox, its also a classifieds ads website that you do not want to take likely of. Because it offers their services to different countries, your company’s listing will attract a lot more views and traffic for your search engine to get more insights of the users of your website that will link keywords of your business further for google ranking.

8 websites to advertise for free Online 26

4. Locanto

A site you can over look until you get visitors on your site clicking from Locanto, so be sure not to over look this website as it has a lot more users that are more looking for one on one services eg Photographers, website design, carpenters and more.

locanto logo

3. Brabys

If your site hasn’t been added on brabys be sure to list it, google search engine can never go pass without picking a business on brabys especially for local business.

8 websites to advertise for free Online 27

2. OLX

Highly used for selling products and services but mostly loved for their security and policies. The pricing on their feature ads of your post is slightly cheaper than most sites. OLX safety is its number one priority and makes more and more users trust it better than most classifieds ads website.

8 websites to advertise for free Online 28

1. gumtree

Sell and buy products on gumtree for free and list your website with a minimum fee to drive traffic. Easy to use and a playground for Google especially when it comes to local listing and it highly favoured because of the large number of users and chances of selling your products or services quicker than most website.

8 websites to advertise for free Online 29